Spizella is an online publication of nature art created by the Cornell University community. 


Each month, a new prompt is released regarding a certain element or aspect of nature (e.g: ‘waves’). We accept any written (including longer format stories), visual, and auditory work falling within that theme. Submissions are showcased together, on the home page, under the umbrella of that month's prompt. We also accept (and even recommend) paired works, for example visual work accompanied by written work regarding the same subject.


All submissions will be posted under aliases to keep people comfortable sharing personal work. Spizella is intended to be a Cornell-based project, so anyone affiliated with Cornell may submit work. 

Each of you have wonderfully unique perspectives and methods of expressing closeness to Nature. We hope to showcase this diversity, and in turn create a center of inspiration for these artforms. Now more than ever, we are searching for meaning in an increasingly insipid and surreal reality. Our highest aspiration for this project is to help all of us collectively appreciate the importance of taking time to focus on the exterior and the sacred, to remember the natural world’s role in grounding, sustaining, and loving us. And, of course, the love we give back.

Editorial Team

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Raisa Kochmaruk is an illustrator and writer who favors autumn landscapes, feather details, and the golden hour. She is studying science communication in A&S.

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Jalen Winstanley is a painter, writer, and

photographer with an affinity for bitter seas and winged things. He is an Environment & Sustainability major in CALS.

Richard Beezley is a writer actively examining the absurdities of humanity in nature and of nature in humanity. He is a Classics major in A&S.